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Correct Use of Condoms 101: Tips for Optimal Protection

Let's talk about a topic that may not be the most glamorous but is so important: using condoms. We all know that condoms are a great way to protect ourselves from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, but did you know that using them incorrectly can reduce their effectiveness? Fear not, because we've got some tips to help you use condoms correctly and up your protection game!

Here are our top tips for using condoms correctly:

  • Always use a new condom during sexual intercourse.

  • First things first, always use a new condom during sexual intercourse. While some things are worth reusing, condoms are definitely not one of them. Even though they were reused several times back in the 17th century, it's important to use a new one every time. And before you get down to business, be sure to check for any noticeable damage. Don't keep them in your wallet or pocket either, as they can become warm and soggy, shortening their expiration date. At SAIB, we store our condoms in a tin case to keep them fresh and ready for action. 

  • Avoid damaging the condom by opening the wrapper carefully.

  • Next up, let's talk about opening the condom wrapper. No need to be a superhero and rip it open with your teeth or fingernails! Be extra careful with ultra-thin latex condoms, as they can easily get damaged. Think of it as opening a precious gift - take your time and handle with care.

  • Use the condom as soon as the penis becomes erect.

  • When it comes to putting on the condom, timing is key. Putting it on just before insertion reduces its effectiveness since pre-ejaculatory fluid (which may contain a small amount of semen) could already be present. To up your protection game, it's best to wear condoms shortly after the penis becomes erect.

  • Pinch the air out of the tip of the condom.

  • Once you've got the condom on, make sure to pinch the air out of the tip by slightly twisting it with your fingers. Skipping this step can increase the chance of the condom bursting - and we definitely don't want that! Remember, safety first.

  • Use water-soluble lubricants.
  • Now, let's talk about lubricants. Using the wrong kind of lube with natural latex condoms can damage the latex, so make sure to use water-based or water-soluble lubricants instead of fat-soluble or oil-based ones. And before you put on the condom, double-check your hands for any hints of fat-soluble or oil-based lubes.

  • Remember to remove the condom properly before it’s too late.

  • When you're ready to call it a day, grab the tip and remove it from the genital area before the penis becomes flaccid. This helps to prevent semen from leaking out of the condom.

    Using condoms correctly is crucial for protecting yourself and your partner from unwanted pregnancies and STDs. That's why it's important to choose a high-quality condom that not only provides effective protection but also ensures maximum comfort and pleasure. Our SAIB Premium Condoms are vegan and made with the highest-grade latex, and they don't contain any harmful ingredients. Their soft, thin, and flexible design makes them the perfect choice for a safe and enjoyable experience. So why settle for anything less? Try SAIB Premium Condoms today and stay protected while having fun!



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