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Empowered Vaginal Health: Taking Control of My Body

Here at SAIB we’re all about looking after our intimate health and feeling empowered whilst doing so.

Did you know that the reason our vaginas are naturally acidic is to keep harmful bacteria at bay? It's true! But did you also know that certain elements can throw off our pH balance and cause all sorts of nasty infections?

Maintaining a healthy vaginal pH level is super important. We're talking a range of 3.8~4.5 here, which keeps our delicate bits safe from the bad bacteria that can cause issues like vaginitis. So, what throws off our pH balance? Well, things like nylon, polyester, spandex clothing and undies, panty liners, alkaline body products, and over-cleansing are all major culprits. Even bidets - those fancy butt-washing contraptions - can be a threat to our vaginal health! They can wash away the lactobacillus that helps keep our vaginas in tip-top shape, leaving us more susceptible to infection.

And don't even get us started on the wrong kind of condoms and love gels… Using products with a different pH than our natural vaginal area can throw off the balance of osmotic pressure. Osmotic pressure refers to the force that drives the movement of water across a semi-permeable membrane. In the context of vaginal health, using products that causes higher osmotic pressure can cause water to move out of the cells in the vaginal tissue, leading to dryness and discomfort. Continued use of such products can even damage the mucous membrane, which plays a vital role in protecting the vagina from infections and other harmful pathogens. Therefore, it is important to use products that are compatible with the natural pH balance of the vagina to maintain optimal vaginal health.

So, how can we take care of our pH balance? First off, always wear clean undies to bed! Sleeping in the same pair can create a breeding ground for bacteria. And when it comes to panty liners, use them sparingly and avoid ones with harmful ingredients. If you do need to use them, change them often - especially around that time of the month.

Lastly, cleaning down there with the right products is crucial. We all want to feel fresh and clean down there, but excessive washing with scented products can actually do more harm than good. Instead, maintaining the right pH is so important. Try SAIB's natural foaming feminine wash, specially formulated to match the pH balance of your intimate area. Made with vegan, natural ingredients, it gently cleanses and refreshes without causing any irritation. Give your delicate skin the care it deserves!

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