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The Pleasures of Masturbation!

When one's partner is seen engaging in solo sexual pleasure, it can sometimes be misconstrued that they're doing so because the relationship is lacking satisfaction. Even after masturbating, feelings of shame and guilt can be experienced. However, exploring one's body and discovering erogenous zones is a natural act; it's crucial to let go of such worries. 

Sex with a partner is great, but masturbation holds a charm of its own. The pleasure derived from sex and masturbation is distinctly different. Also, the misconception that only men masturbate exists. According to a survey of 6,000 adults over the age of 18 across 12 countries, the disparity between men and women in terms of masturbation frequency is about 68% on average, with women tending to masturbate less frequently. It's now the time for  all women to embrace the joys of masturbation! Besides pleasure, masturbation also has substantial health benefits.


1. Masturbation Enhances Sexual Satisfaction

Masturbation allows you to discover your own erogenous zones. Some people worry that masturbation might lessen the satisfaction derived from sex with their partner. Contrarily, being aware of each other's erogenous zones, sharing your own preferences and positions can enhance satisfaction in your sexual relationship. It also improves sexual function and increases the amount of vaginal lubrication. However, if the frequency of sex decreases significantly, and masturbation becomes excessive, there might be issues like sexual trauma, dyspareunia, or orgasm disorders. In such cases, seeking professional help is recommended.


2. Masturbation Helps Prevent Depression and Relieve Stress

Experiencing an orgasm boosts endorphin levels in your bloodstream, helps prevent depression, relieves stress, lowers blood pressure, and enhances self-esteem. It also raises cortisol levels, which help improve immune function.


3. Masturbation Aids in Insomnia

According to a 2019 study, orgasms achieved through masturbation improve sleep quality more than orgasms from sex with a partner, easing tension and aiding insomnia (Michele Lastella et al.). The study showed that when participants experienced an orgasm through masturbation before sleeping, their sleep quality improved by 54.2%, and their time to fall asleep improved by 47.4%.


4. Masturbation Can Prevent Cervical Cancer and Reduce Menstrual Pain

Research suggests that the orgasms women experience through masturbation can help prevent infections in the cervix and urinary tract. The fluid produced during masturbation can flush out bacteria, aiding fluid circulation. Moreover, masturbating during menstruation releases endorphins which help reduce menstrual pain, while serotonin and dopamine have a positive effect on mood swings.

Before Masturbation

To fully reap the benefits of masturbation, it's essential to experience orgasms without hurting yourself and enjoy it in a healthy manner. 


1. Always Pay Attention to Hygiene and Cleanliness

Prepare clean hands and a clean space before masturbating. Masturbation often involves gently touching the clitoris with the index or middle finger, along with stimulating the labia minora and majora. Some people masturbate while bathing, but when doing so, ensure that soap doesn't enter the vagina. Since the vagina should remain acidic, it's better to rinse with mild genital cleaning products or plain water rather than alkaline soap after masturbation.


2. Avoid Rough Stimulation and Don't Get Obsessed Over Orgasms

If you're not familiar with masturbation or don't feel stimulated, roughly rubbing the clitoris can expose the underlying skin, causing discomfort. Finding pleasure zones while touching yourself has its own significance. And, if you can't reach orgasm, avoid stronger stimulation. It's best to let go of any rush and slowly feel your hand movements, focusing on the changes in your body.


3. Leverage Sex Toys and Lubricants for Safe Masturbation

If you can't feel the orgasm or want to enjoy masturbation in various ways, consider using lubricants and "sex toys" also referred to as companion products. Vibrators stimulate the clitoris, while dildos are inserted into the vagina. If the vagina is dry, excessive stimulation may cause injuries to the external genitalia, so using a lubricant with a sex toy is recommended. Using a condom with a dildo can prevent bacterial exposure. If you're not familiar with how to wear a condom, you can practice by putting one on a dildo. Moreover, using everyday objects or tools that aren't designed for safe masturbation can even rupture the vagina or intestine, so be cautious.

How about exploring your erogenous zones tonight with a delightful masturbation routine and discovering new orgasms you've never experienced before?


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