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Vaginal Secretions: What Every Woman Should Know

As women, we often experience leukorrhea - a discharge that can feel unsanitary and leave us feeling uncomfortable. But did you know that leukorrhea is actually a necessary secretion for our vaginal health?

Leukorrhea is a mixture of discharge from the cervix and liquid absorbed in the vaginal wall, Bartholin's gland, and the secreting gland around the vaginal entrance. It's secreted every day due to the influence of estrogen after puberty and can amount to half a spoon to a spoonful in teaspoons for each individual.

But what are the functions of leukorrhea for our body?

Firstly, it cleans the cells of the mucous membrane, protecting the vagina from molds or bacteria that can reproduce inside the vagina and dead cells that exist in the mucous membrane.

Secondly, leukorrhea contains lactobacillus, which is beneficial to our body as it produces lactic acid, acting as a barrier to protect the vagina from infection. It also supports the ideal pH level in the vagina and keeps it in sub-acidity, blocking detrimental bacteria.

Lastly, leukorrhea protects the mucous membrane in the vagina, preventing dryness and potential damage or scarring. The recently secreted leukorrhea has a sour taste and odor due to the lactic acid that protects the beneficial bacteria, but it is not unsanitary.

However, if your leukorrhea changes in color, consistency, or smell, it could be a sign of a vaginal infection or disrupted balance. Watery leukorrhea that is grey or smells foul, stiff and lumpy white leukorrhea, yellowish leukorrhea that suddenly increases, yellowish leukorrhea tinged with green, or leukorrhea mixed with blood outside of your menstrual period could all indicate an issue. In these cases, it's essential to regularly examine your condition and visit a gynecologist if you notice abnormalities.

Remember, a healthy vagina has a unique scent, and taking care of your plays a vital role in your overall health. At SAIB we believe in embrace your body and taking good care of it, including our sexual health. Explore our range of feminine intimate products that made by Her for Her, developed in South Korea, made with the highest grade ingredients, vegan and zero waste - discover a new way for sexual wellness today!

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